Dan's Fresh Produce - 2300 Central Ave. Alameda, CA

Farm Direct Box
Our commitment is to small local growers first, when local is unavailable we source elsewhere.
It is a very rare occasion that your box will have produce that is not locally grown. If and when this occurs it will be noted on this page and will usually be limited to one or two items. For instnace apples and or pears from Washington or Oregon only during California's "off season."

Alameda Point

Benzler Family Farms

Catalan Farms

Coke Farm

Copola Organic

Durham Valley

Dwelley Farms

Francisco's Oaxacan Organic Farm

Girolami Farms

Gregory Farms

Hale Farms

Heirloom Organic Gardens

JJM Farms

Johnny's Bee Farm

Judy's Family Farm

Kaki Farms

King of Mushrooms

Le Champion

Las Hermanas Farm

Macdonald Farm

Maisy Jane's

Nut Express


NV Naturals

Open Space Meats

Ortiz Farms

Oya Organics

Perry Farms


Pinnacle Growers

Prevedeli Farms

Pumpkin Depot

Queen of Sheba

Rainbow Orchards

Riverview Orchard

Robert Grist

Rancho Piccolo Farm

Rodreguez Farms


Smit Orchards

Smith Family Farms

Steve Smith

Sunrise Farm

Sunshine Farms

Swank Farms

Tanimoto Farms



Twin Girls Farm

Twin Hill Ranch

Two Dog Farms

VB Farms

Ventura Organics

Willie Bird

Yerena Farms

Zuckerman Farms

Eat Fresh— Shop Local— Support Local Growers

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